April 15, 2015

Hong Kong | Ladies Night Market, Mongkok

We went for a late night shopping at Ladies Night Market in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

This night market is almost similar to our Petaling Street, KL

It is a great place to shop for souvenirs, there are so many to choose from.

My simple tips are:
1. Don't buy at the 1st shop that you see goods that you're interested in.  It is a huge place, I'm sure will find another shop selling the same things, the further you walk, the cheaper the price you get (at least in our case) but can be very tiring.
2. Remember to bargain.

Some of the shop keepers even know how to speak few words of bahasa and have Malay signboard ('Layan Sendiri", Terima Kasih') in their stalls, which make me think "must be many Malaysian shops here"

Ok, let's follow me on the tour..

 The best way to go there is by taking the MRT, the station is right underground of the market.
When you came out of the station..this is what you get to see... ladies shopping heavan..haha

 hmmm.. which one should i choose??!
  haiya.. I didn't get the chance to go in to the crocs shop

 Cha Chaan Teng
Lok lok/Satay celup/Yong Tau Foo... whatever you want to call it.


ok, my backpack is full.
some of the souvenirs that I managed to grasp.

April 14, 2015

Ohh Fig!

I saw this packet of fresh fig in a supermarket at Hong Kong, I have never seen a fresh one what more to say tasted one.  So without much thinking, I just grasp 1 of these, cost around hkd37.

Can't wait to have the 1st taste of fresh fig, when I bite into it, eww.. I hate the taste.
Seriously fresh fig taste nothing like a sweet dried fig.

I love dried fig,  ever since my MIL brought back some huge dried fig from Isreal, I felt in love with it immediately.

Not easy to find good dried figs in Kuching, I once bought from Unaco, but it tasted a bit off.

I bought dried figs while in Hong Kong, still have some left in my fridge, I have to savour it bit by bit ;)

Ohh I bought few packets of these blueberry while in HK too, cheap, cost around RM4.50 only, fresh n sweet, so yummy.  

Why la imported fruits are so expensive in Kuching?!

April 13, 2015

Ohh Events!

Ohh what a crazy week I had and Thank God 1 major event is down for this year.  Few more to come and I hope none involves me...huhu..

I never really enjoy organizing event, but along the way I always accidentally got involve in some kind of event, like..

In my Uni life, few events that fall onto hands like organizing a BBQ nite for fund rising; flowers selling committee for one of the convocation, and organizing a guitar concert.

In work life, one of the significant event that I organized was a Golf Tournament for VIP - which I find very difficult coz I had zero knowledge in Golf.

And just last Sunday I was actively involve in a Fashion nite.  Thank God, those are all behind me now, pheww!