August 22, 2014

Breakfast at Kim Bay

On Sunday, we had late breakfast cum lunch at Kim Bay.  This is one of the place where you can find decent dim sum in Kuching.

I love the Har Kao.  It costs RM4.80 per set of 3 pcs.

Normally we really enjoyed this tasty chicken chop burger Macau style, but dunno why on that particular morning, the meat is so tough, something like a left-over-and-fried-again kinda tough.  Cost RM6.50.

The porridge is not bad, Emmett loves it.

Sandwich for Eugene.

Drinks can be quite expensive here.

August 15, 2014

In my kitchen #21

Umai = Mummy's favourite

Fried chicken wings = Emmett's favourite

Chives + egg + fish ball = Eugene's favourite

How about Daddy's favourite? 
ohh well, this time daddy can share any of our favourites ;)

August 14, 2014

Reading comics: xventure xplorers

My son Eugene has never had any interest in reading before.  His interest is more towards games, be in on computers, phones, psp, etc.

But lately he starts showing some interest in reading comic books.  His favourite is the x-venture xplorers series.  

Here's his collection for this month..

He also started watching the Nat Geo Wild and even asked me all sorts of animal related questions such as..

  • What is the biggest shark?
  • What is the most dangerous animal?
  • If A fights B, who wins?

Of coz I don't have the answers at hand but thanks to uncle Google, now everybody can be a genius :p

From him, I also learned the different types of sharks, eg: great white shark, hammerhead shark, megalodon shark, whale shark - the toothless shark and many more that I can't recall.

I am happy that my children are very curious about almost anything under the sun (I believe all children are too).  And I am more than happy to be able to discover the universe together with them.