September 30, 2014

Pasar Utama Bintulu

Pasar Utama Bintulu is a walking distance from where we stayed, Kemena Plaza Hotel.

Pasar Tamu Bintulu is located right next to the Pasar Utama.  This is where you can find all the local jungle produce.

 Bamboo for pansuh or lemang cooking
 The very famous Bintulu belacan, my belacan's expert friend told me that the Bintulu belacan has a stronger smell (fragrant) compare to Miri belacan.  Me, I like them both, as long as it looks a bit pinkish, not too dark brown.
 Buah keranji
 Buah rambai - buah ni lebih masam dari buah langsat, nak makan pun ada cara tersendiri, saya kurang minat.
 Bertih beras - poprice
 Local veggie, only the petai is the only jungle produce.
 Items for Iban ritual ceremony - mini ketupat for Miring

September 23, 2014

Birthday Party 2014 for Eugene n Emmett

This year we celebrate their birthday somewhere not at home, partly because mummy is too lazy to clean up the house and partly is to have someone organise the activities/games for the kids.

So, let's enjoy the pictures.

The venue..

The decorations..

The Birthday boys..

The family..

The birthday cakes..

The food..
The games..

Birthday party at McDonald.
Kids are happy.
Mums are free ;)

September 22, 2014

Cheese and Tea #3

This time we went there for lunch.

We had...

Spaghetti Carbonara

And Friend chicken wings as always

We also gave 'Baked macaroni cheese and tea style' a try - okla.

For drinks, we ordered..

Coke and ribena sprite

And I tried out this Jasmine Tea with Nata jelly for RM3, quite refreshing.
While waiting, you can grab a magazine or two to browse..