July 23, 2014

In my garden: Pineapple #2

Pineapple #2 is ripe; at week 18.

The size is much smaller than Pineapple #1.

Nevertheless, it taste as sweet as Pineapple #1.

July 22, 2014

Eugene at 7 years 10 months

He is not the skinny little boy anymore, his cousins used to call him 'cicak kubin' before.  He is not that choosy when it comes to food, he now can enjoy..
  • Cangkok manis with egg
  • Fried rice
  • Kolo mee
  • Kuey teow soup/fried
  • Chicken rice
  • Burger kosong
  • Canai
He also talked back at me like a teenagers in the Disney XD drama does..

Occasion 1:
(our daily conversation before end of the day)
Mummy: Have you sort out your books for tomorrow classes?
Eugene: Can I just put all my books in my beg so that I don't have to sort it out everyday?

Occasion 2:
Mummy: Eugene, you do bla bla bla after this, ok?
Eugene: Fine.

July 21, 2014

Satang Island, Kpg Salak, Santubong Wetlands

1.30pm - Depart from Telaga Air by boat for Satang Island for side-seeing and snorkeling.  Takes about 30 min boat ride to reach the island.

Our snacks on the boat
Sibu Laut Island

Satang Island

Satang Island

Beware - lots of sand-flies here.

Turtle conservation.
There's about 100 eggs in each of the 'net'.
This 'hole' is where the turtle lays the eggs, this one was about 2 weeks ago.

There are more turtles laying eggs in Talang Island as compared to Satang, Talang is a bit further up from Satang.

The facility in Satang Island is VERY basic, this island is own my Mr. Abu (Private property).  RM120 is charged per person for 2D1N overnight here.  This include the accommodation and also the boat ride.

Kayak and snorkeling gear are available for rental at RM15 each per person.  Can do snorkeling around the area, nothing much to see, no coral reef here but great for swimming coz there's not much wave at that time.
Goodbye Satang

4pm - Arrived at Salak Traditional Fishing Village for coffee break and photo taking.  This is my 2nd time here, this kampung can be a unique experience for the tourist, but there's so much rubbish everywhere, which I find really an eyesore.  They are about 100 families live in this kampung, they have a primary school up the hill.

5.30pm - Witness up-close on wildlife activities such as Proboscis monkey high up in the forest canopy.
 More photos of Proboscis Monkey here.

6.00pm - Visit a charcoal factory nearby.

6.30pm - Catching the beautiful sunset from the boat.
 More photos of the sunset here.

7.30pm - proceed to Santubong wetlands for fireflies and crocodile watching by night.  We were lucky to be able to see the fireflies that night, plus you can rarely see any fireflies during full moon night.  Did not catch any photos, I think it is impossible to take a photos of fireflies in the wild at night, don't you think?
9.00pm - back to Kampung Telaga Air, bath, dinner.

9.30pm - Went to the balai (Community hall) for an evening cultural show by the locals - Bergendang & bertandak.

All in all, we had a great trip..